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What Is the Lean Six Sigma Process?

New York company owners who wish to expand their business will be interested in learning how Lean Six Sigma Experts of New York will assist them. It’s really simple; as a result of our efforts, every system in your business will be changed for the better. If your mailroom is late on weekly mail or your part manufacturing division is experiencing a high volume of defects, we will assist you.

Process control no longer necessitates just a few procedures. There are other solutions out there that you could utilize for your company, but not all of them work in the same way. Other systems function around prediction and guesswork, while we use mathematical theory and employ mathematicians and statisticians. Numbers don’t lie, and with the help of professionals, you’re able to inspect the finer details of the systems and figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it. If the best solution to the problem has been identified, modeled, analyzed, and implemented, the process should be tested for long-term issues.


Below are some of the immediate benefits of working with Lean Six Sigma Experts of New York:

  • There would be fewer costs, less overstaffing, and less waste.
  • The quality of products and services will rise.
  • Customer satisfaction will increase.
  • Client retention will improve.
  • The company’s market competitiveness will improve.

Which Six Sigma Belts Do You Need?

To enjoy the benefits of hiring Lean Six Sigma Experts of New York, you must choose the appropriate mix of training tiers, known in this industry as Belts. White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt Certifications are available. In an ideal world, you’ll collaborate with a training company that will identify the organization’s requirements, decide how many employees are required per belt, and then fulfills those needs. Enroll in our program today.

Take a Personal Interest in Your Employees

Simply placed, your workers are the most important asset to your company. While you make money by selling a good or service, your employees are in control of manufacturing, distribution, marketing, communications, and all other business activities. As a consequence, you would need to engage in better workforce planning.

Safeguard your employees. They would be more dedicated to you and your company if you support them. The value of longevity in a business cannot be overstated, and keeping long-term staff on your team gives you an edge over any of your competitors. This pledge shows that you believe in inspiring your employees and delegating control over their careers to encourage them to make the requisite improvements in the company. Employees who are financially invested are more likely to do well and become more secure about their accomplishments, creating a win-win situation for company managers.

We understand Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Experts of New York is a company that not everybody is familiar with. Our New York preparation teaches your workforce how to recognize, avoid, and correct inefficiencies in your company’s systems. Inefficiencies absorb energy which, if not resolved quickly and efficiently, drain vital resources from the enterprise. Our outcomes are based on statistics and have a track record of positive performance. It has been so successful that companies from all around the globe and across a wide range of industries are now looking to our Company to improve their business processes.

Choose the best consulting firm for your needs, while also providing Six Sigma training in New York to your employees. There are many options, and you must choose a trustworthy source with a large portfolio of successful events.

LSS New York-What is Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Experts of New York Black Belts and more

Let’s look at the different Belts, which are defined as places within particular organizations. Belts reflect various levels of Certifications in the LSS school of knowledge.

Masters Black Belt (MBB): Our experts in policy and mathematical approaches are Master's Black Belt (MBB) holders. The MBB provides technical direction and leadership for a specific position or department of an organization. The MBB retains control of Black Belt training, mentoring, and education. MBBs are the final approvers of BB projects.

Black Belts (BB): They are professionals with a clear knowledge of the process and the potential to lead programs. Black Belts are forerunners in terms of plans and finances. Green Belts will be your students, and you will be responsible for training and communicating your experience with them.

Green Belt (GB): This title is often associated with a hands-on or leadership position. Department or mission leaders in charge of coordinating operational growth are known as GBs. They perform the activities from beginning to end, applying our process control methods in real-time and under the guidance of BBs. It is a defining development and success criterion for many companies.

Yellow Belt (YB): YBs are the initial starters in the Belt system. They show a basic interpretation of Lean Six Sigma and usually support a GB or BB initiative as the main staff member or subject matter expert.

There Are Several Advantages Of Using Lean Six Sigma

Our strategy is at the forefront of a company’s commitment to delivering results for its clients. The benefits of deploying LSS are many, with some of the more important ones highlighted below:

  1. Talent Development: Adopting LSS necessitates ensuring that everyone in the organization knows the techniques’ principles and procedures. This puts a greater focus on talent development and establishes learning as a company-wide tradition. Improved progress leads to growth, and continuous learning/upskilling becomes ingrained in the business community.
  2. Effective Business Processes Promote Quality Distribution: LSS offers clear benefits such as data-driven decision-making that is right the first time, better reliability, and enhanced performance clarity. Customers’ interests are heard in customer-centric service orientation, and product/solution principles and procurement processes are readily adaptable to changing market situations.
  1. Lean Six Sigma is Flexible Throughout All Industries: There was once a misconception that Lean Six Sigma was primarily accessible to design and engineering companies. The implementation of these principles in other sectors, such as BFSI, IT, and retail, over the last few decades has shown that the LSS method is applicable throughout industries.
  2. Provides a solid basis for implementing cutting-edge technologies: LSS is critical for a successful Digital Transition and has evolved as a subset of a company’s broader Market Transformation plan.
  3. Increases Brand Value: Customers support companies who react to their demands quickly and courteously. LSS establishes a people group as well as a set of processes and practices that lead to this market development quotient and increased brand recognition.

We’ll Come To You

Even though we have a range of public offers accessible both domestically and abroad, our onsite Six Sigma preparation and certification helps us to focus on the customer’s needs. We will handle the whole integration process from start to finish. We provide onsite Lean Six Sigma Certification and preparation for companies who are either using the methodology or want to get started in a specific industry. Depending on your requirements, we will train as few as eight individuals for these services or as many as 1,000 or more.

Customized Training and Certification Programs

We are pleased to tailor your onsite Lean Six Sigma Certification and training to meet the specific requirements. We integrate practical simulations and encourage the use of a live project scenario from inside the enterprise to provide a real-world learning experience. We provide onsite Lean Six Sigma, Created for Six Sigma, and Minitab training in addition to Six Sigma Certification. We provide refresher courses where we believe that the audience will benefit from a refresher course on specific approaches, methodologies, or predictive analysis.

We provide training online

If you feel your career is going through a slump – or you feel that there is room for improvement – an online Lean Six Sigma Certification in New York might be exactly what you need! Our online Certification ensures that you recognize both the Lean Six Sigma Certification and the overall Lean Six Sigma methodology; Lean Six Sigma understanding and expertise are well-established and of a high standard.

Online Certification Levels For Lean Six Sigma

Various types of Lean Six Sigma Certification are available online in New York. If you’re only getting started and require a solid understanding of Lean Six Sigma Certifications, an LSS White Belt Certification, for example, will suffice. If you want to be a real professional in Lean Six Sigma and work as a mentor to those seeking to apply the systems within their organizations, you’ll need a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma.

In these courses, there are relatively specialized levels, such as Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt, all of which lead incrementally to advanced phases of mastering Lean Six Sigma. As a novice, you can start with Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma Certification online in New York and work your way up.

Improved career openings are one of the advantages of earning Lean Six Sigma Certification digitally in New York. Furthermore, an array of companies around the world is adopting Lean Six Sigma. As a consequence, gaining Lean Six Sigma Certification online in New York effectively prepares you for a career that will lead you almost anywhere!

If you are certified in Lean Six Sigma, you would undoubtedly improve your work prospects as well as the success of your company. Our online Lean Six Sigma Certification in New York might be just what you need to get there!

Lean Six Sigma Experts of New York Certification

We have developed a process improvement methodology that speeds up processes, increases efficiency, and reduces or eliminates variation. In the private sector, business rivalry is increasing, putting company profits at risk. Furthermore, as the speed of knowledge and market operational costs escalate, consumer preferences change at an increasing pace.

The importance of method excellence has never been greater. Our implementation is vital to the continuing growth in a broad variety of sectors, according to Yellow Belt Certification. The course introduces the fundamentals of Six Sigma to those who are new to the program. Our Yellow Belts would be assigned to each of the Project Teams. They must maintain and report work results, as well as introduce protocol changes. They collaborate with or are supervised by a Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt. Six Sigma Certified professionals concentrate on long-term quality control by analyzing and solving quality issues while ensuring a high-performance enterprise.

Several explanations of our philosophies would be included during the course to explain the value of applying these approaches in any organization. Thousands of organizations all around the world have recognized the many advantages of this methodology; by obtaining your certification, you can gain valuable insight into the processes, indicators, and rapid improvement methodologies of LSS.

We discuss mathematical approaches to designing operational processes and dealing with problems. It's a method of assisting the production team by ensuring performance success by process optimization. These courses are designed to introduce students to the theory, structure, and implementation of the company's Six Sigma initiative. Individuals can learn to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC) organizational processes using formal approaches. As a result, it is important to understand how to handle staff and activities. You can learn how to direct complex systems and improve their operation using various approaches. Consequently, you'll know how to improve services and boost customer satisfaction. You will also use the skills in eliminating variation; it will also teach you how to create graphs and process maps.

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification can help a person learn more about the market, whether or not they have a basic understanding of it. The IASSC (The International Association for Six Sigma Certification), on the other hand, has not requested any required certification requirements. The ASQ (American Society for Quality) website, however, lists three years of job experience and understanding of Six Sigma systems as credentials.

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification provided by Lean Six Sigma Experts of New York is designed to help you appreciate the values of Lean and Six Sigma. This course will teach you how to use the Six Sigma steps of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) to increase customer loyalty while reducing waste. Obtaining a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification would open up a host of new career opportunities as well as the possibility of a pay rise. The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification propels dedicated executives' professions to improved quality control and multinational project optimization.

In addition to its usage in engineering, Six Sigma has gained traction as a Business Process Management (BPM) technique in the services sector. On the other hand, the method's transition from production to service systems raises questions about Six Sigma's usefulness as a BPM process in services. To successfully incorporate Six Sigma Certifications, it is important to be mindful of potential obstacles, eliminate them, and effectively implement the Six Sigma approach in facilities.

Many companies have discovered that teaching the Six Sigma methodology to as many employees as possible results in widespread adoption of the knowledge. A Six Sigma Yellow Belt can be useful in this situation. Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Certifications are not available to all workers. It does, however, help those people at the top of the Six Sigma ladder cope with others who appreciate the methodology's basic concepts.

A Yellow Belt is the one receiving this kind of training. Yellow Belt Certification, designed for Six Sigma beginners, will educate staff about the advantages of applying Six Sigma techniques. Overall, it assists in the convergence of business culture with the vision and goals of top management. To put it in other words, everybody is on the same page and speaking the same language.

LSS New York-Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
LSS New York-Lean Six Sigma Certification
LSS New York-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School students

Why Should I Be Thinking About Lean Six Sigma Training And Certification For High School Students?

Yellow Belt Certification is worth three points, Green Belt Certification is worth six points, and graduation requires 12 points in all of the states that we work. Nine of the twelve graduation grades are covered by this curriculum. We would supply the district with the funds necessary to provide a certification that can be used in any company direction. Furthermore, our Yellow Belt and Green Belt Certifications are cross-referenced with details unique to the certification. Lean Six Sigma is and has been used in educational institutions to improve effectiveness and minimize duplication, in addition to college applications.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.