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The implementation of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in your company will have a huge impact on its future success. The Lean Six Sigma Certification on your resume shows your dedication to improving your technical and analytical skills, as well as the area in which you work. Lean Six Sigma Certifications can be used in a wide range of industries all over the world

LSS New York-Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

What exactly is Lean Six Sigma Certification?

Lean Six Sigma Experts of New York teaches a range of approaches and techniques that companies use to improve production practices, reducing delays, and optimize performance. The Lean Six Sigma Certification recognizes professionals who can detect and eliminate risks, defects, and shortcomings in company processes. A certain level of competence and professionalism is usually needed to obtain a Lean Six Sigma Certification. The certification will benefit you as a process management specialist while also improving your professional image.

Individuals that serve on small-scale process transformation projects are known as Lean Six Sigma Green Belts. In certain cases, their jobs would require them to devote less than half of their time to Lean Six Sigma ventures. However, depending on the organization, the roles and job skills for Lean Six Sigma Green Belts vary.

Now Is The Time To Get Your Lean Six Sigma Certification

Green Belt Certification is required for those in charge of improving existing operations. There can be no uniform dimensions of non-standardized systems. Alternatively, the company may reduce the number of mistakes or loading time in these systems.

We offer nationally recognized Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and training. Our program, which is included in our four-week Black Belt option, can be taken independently or as a first step toward earning Black Belt Certification. We were among the first organizations to develop a curriculum that allowed students with no prior experience to enroll in both the Green Belt and Black Belt Certification at the same time to receive a nationally recognized Black Belt Certificate.

Another way for Green and Black Belts to advance is for candidates from the same university to finish their training together, even though they are advancing to different Belt levels. This hybrid approach promotes group engagement and teamwork while also encouraging people to mix and match locations. We often offer both traditional classroom projects and online alternatives, such as Champion services, which are designed for executives who are new to Lean Six Sigma.

Certified Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Experts of New York

The Lean Six Sigma Experts of New York are a network of specialists who are well-versed in the central and specialized aspects of the Lean Six Sigma methodology; we also lead reform efforts and/or serve as team members on a part-time basis as part of a more demanding change program led by a Certified Black Belt. A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt has a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Lean Six Sigma approach, including subject matter experience with the IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification), Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge phases of the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (DMAIC) process. A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt will introduce, conduct, analyze, and deploy Lean Six Sigma.


This certification is for you if you want to be known for your experience in effectively applying Lean Six Sigma Certification and strategies in your industry. Certification has long been needed for Quality Specialists who choose to advance in their Quality Management careers. The credentialing process is extensive, with many levels of certification aiming to train specialists in advanced skill sets. It's also a perk that will help you generate more sales.

Obtaining a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is an important step toward understanding the Lean Six Sigma principles and guiding market transformation initiatives. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt investigates potential areas for improvement and plays an important role in making the necessary improvements while building on the ideas and expertise gained during the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification.

As a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you would be able to complete small-scale tasks that, if successful, would give you a genuine sense of accomplishment. Few things are more rewarding than feeling you've increased the company's productivity and financial performance. Though LSS Yellow Belts typically assist at the start of a project by collecting data and developing process diagrams, Green Belts are active throughout. They are in charge of enforcing the changes, with the help and motivation of a LSS Black Belt or Master Black Belt.

Professionals with the LSS Green Belt Certification typically devote 25% to 50% of their working hours to Lean Six Sigma projects. They are well-known as Lean Six Sigma experts and a driving force in their company's growth.

Green Belts are full-time employees with Six Sigma Certification who lead a process management team. More time is spent on important product decision-making and strategy-building components during the Six Sigma project preparation process. They have a better view of the whole process and work with a team of project managers to provide guidance and accomplish results and goals.

Professionals with LSS Green Belt Certification can be eligible for a range of jobs, including but not limited to:

Manager Of Quality Development – In the manufacturing field, continuous development managers are responsible for improving output quality through regular assessment and testing of operating procedures. They will be in charge of overseeing the continued implementation of key protocols and systems, as well as setting innovative success benchmarks and launching long-term business-beneficial initiatives.

Quality Engineer – As a production engineer, you will be responsible for ensuring that the company's products and services meet the expectations of its customers. It would include working with a variety of agencies, including suppliers, manufacturing divisions, distributors, and production staff, to identify any issues that could jeopardize the overall performance of the final product. Quality engineering is in charge of producing all quality-related documentation, as well as preparing and executing quality tests.

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